Two Stabbed, One Maimed in Chicago Wal-Mart Over X-Box; Suspect at Large

WalMart Death

A woman is at large today for the stabbing to death of two, and maiming of one shopper at a Chicago-area Wal-Mart in order to secure the store’s last X-Box One.

A woman only identified at this time as a hispanic, possibly black female approximately 5ft 10 and 180lbs fled the store on W. North Ave after a fight escalated in the electronics section that led to the brutal assault. Photos from security cameras have not yet been released.

The victim’s names are not being released until the families can be located.

Witnesses stated that the unidentified female became impatient waiting for a store clerk to unlock store displays, and this quickly escalated when she noticed that others were in line ahead of her for the last Xbox on display. She began telling those around her that she would do “anything” to retrieve the item, even if that meant waiting to steal it from another buyer out in the lot.

Once she noticed the clerk passing the Xbox to the first person to his left, the woman became enraged and pulled a sharp object from her coat pocket. “It all happened so fast”, stated Jenny Dulane, a female shopper who was standing not more than 6ft from the incident. Dulane compared the woman’s actions to that of someone “high on meth”, and relayed that the store quickly filled with a mixture of screams from horrified bystanders and cries of the helpless victims.

Dulane estimates at least 30 people were standing in the general vicinity and not one person dared intervene in the attack.

 No further details have been given at this time.


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