Pentecostal Sermon Outlines

These messages are not meant to replace a ministers time of study, and time in prayer seeking The  LORD, But as a minister myself, I have found over the years that I can draw a great deal of inspiration from other ministers. So use these as the LORD leads, and be blessed.
Pastor Freddie Beard

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The Rapture Is Biblical


Backslider? Me? – The Danger Of A

Lukewarm Heart


Have You Received, Since You Believed?


Health-Care, God’s Promises to His Children.


Preaching The Cross




Runnin’ With The LORD


The Bible Is God’s Word!


The False Religion of “Green” or Earth-worship


Warn Them Who Are Unruly


What Happens When We Die?


What Is The Unity Of The Spirit?


What Is Your Need?


Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?


More Coming Soon! please bookmark us and check back often!

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